Gabriella barr Sofer



Interior Designer

V-G studio is an Israeli architecture and interior design studio, providing a total solution for anyone looking to build or update any type of space. After many years of independent experience both in the field of architecture and interior design, Vicki and Gabriella joined forces to found V-G Studio. The synergy of the two together ensures that each and every client receives a complete design solution that is meticulous to detail, innovative, creative, and fully collaborative with the client. The studio specializes in architecture, interior design, and branding of commercial spaces, public spaces, and residential towers. Together, Vicki and Gabriella create and assimilate the business vision of any environment in an atmosphere of closeness  in the architectural and design processes allowing their clients to be as involved as they desire. The planning and design journey includes complete architectural designs, program division of space – including all types of drawings and layouts, and an accurate and detailed expense plan. We invite you to take an exhilarating journey with us, to generate a space encompassing harmony of design, originality, and creativity that is fun, inviting, and enjoyable for unique homes, offices, and commercial outlets.

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