Gabriella barr Sofer



Interior Designer

Vicki Gabriella Studio is an architecture and design boutique firm. The studio carries out architectural planning and design of commercial spaces, public buildings, elderly housing and offices.

After many years of experience in architecture and design, Vicki and Gabriella joined together to establish a partnership and today they are successful in attaining large-scale projects nationwide in the commercial sectors such as, offices, bank branches, customer service centers, lobbies, assisted living and nursing wards.

With the belief that every client is unique the studio offers its clients a tailor-made solutions throughout the project. Formulating a specific program, planning and designing a concept, and bringing to life a unique space. The studio provides an architectural and design solution for every project, working in collaboration with all suppliers and contractors and adjusting to the client’s budget.

Vicki Gabriella Studio believes that bringing fun energy and vibes while working together with all those involved in the craft creates the perfect space.

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