Mediterranean towers kfar saba – senior housing

Planning and interior design of three lobby’s in the building, a total area of ​​about 2000 square meters, including renovation of public rooms, toilets, outdoor spaces and apartments.

In order to match the needs and visibility a large-scale renovation was needed. The planning started from the exterior entrance of the building and through the different levels of public areas. At each stage the needs of the population living in the building were taken into account in terms of accessibility and functionality and above all the feeling of home and privacy in the various areas.

Contractor: Maher et Nael

Complementary furniture: kastiel, basic collection, Unites Seats, Tulmans Outdoor

Upholstery: Aida Laufer

Rugs: B.A.S

Craftsman carpentry: Nimrod Elam

Ceiling: Judea export import, Orbond Gypsum Industries and its products

Lighting: Yair Duram

Styling: Floralis, Bitili