Visa Cal – Architectural Design Cafeteria Service for Business

On the office floor of the Business Service Department at Visa Cal, we were asked to create a mini-cafeteria for the  employees. A place where they can warm up lunch, make coffee, sit and rest at noon in a pleasant atmosphere of a cafe. So we connected two small spaces to one big space, designed a practical kitchenette, used vibrant and young colors, chose an acoustic ceiling so that happening in the cafeteria would not interfere with the department work, added accessories with some humor and now all that was left was to make coffee.

Contractor: Ngash Engineering Ltd.

Complementary furniture: United seats

Craftsman carpentry: koko craftsman craftsmanship

Ceiling: Orbond Gypsum Industries and its products

Textile: Erotex

Styling: Floralis

 Photo: Erez Shani