Low budget work

I’m dying to renovate my office or my bathroom, but I do not have that much money .. it is possible !!! So how can I get a substantial change and low costs – first rule -, even if there is not much money I must understand how much I really have, make a priority as we have talked about before, plan accordingly and get started. Rule two – be creative .. For example If I do not have enough money for special porcelain granite tiles, I can use really simple white tiles and choose a special colored gun that will give the special look and color in the space. Or, to make use of an existing one, for example if I have an old but beautiful dresser, painting it (with my own hands) replacing forging for a few shekels – and here I have a new and cool bathroom cabinet. Rule three – direct the long-awaited renovation towards the end of the year when all the sanitary, lighting, furniture, etc. suppliers go on sale, the contractors have less workload than during the summer and each story becomes much less expensive for us