You have a vision in mind what your boutique will look like, what kind of clothes will be on the shelves, what the chandelier will look like in the center of the store and what an amazing wooden counter will be placed at the entrance .. It’s great, it’s charming but not enough to sell. We got together .. to design a store and no matter what product I sell there is a whole theory called a planogram .. A simple explanation of a planogram is basically how I divide the space according to the type of goods, what do I place next to what? What are the quantities I will present from the same product and more .. and all this in order to optimize the customer’s purchase and increase the volume of sales

For example: Beyond obvious that the washing powder will be near the fabric softener, I will add complementary products that the customer may have forgotten to need such as clothespins and purchase even though he did not plan, or for example in a clothing store I will choose to place the belts next to the pants to complete the look. Let them catch the customer’s eyes while waiting in line and just rake them into the shopping cart. Planogram Planning has professional companies that provide the required advice and assist you in proper division and professional planning. Worth consulting