It’s all about the money馃挵

I want a kitchen with a huge island, in the front yard I want a huge fountain with a fish pond and in the backyard I want a patio with a swimming pool .. In the public space I want smooth concrete and in the rooms I want natural wood parquet and showers with gold faucets.”It’s fun to dream what our home or business will look like but it’s a lot more fun to fulfill that dream. To realize our desires, we must first and foremost build a budget. Budget building is divided into several stages: The first stage: to know how much money I really have The second stage: to produce a bill of quantities, in the bill of quantities we list all types of work: communication, electricity, construction, plumbing, carpentry, etc .. All expected purchases: tools Sanitary, furniture, electrical appliances and more .. Third stage: Priority! We see the total costs and examine this against the budget we have. If we understand that we have exceeded the budget then we will either turn to Eitan, the bank branch manager and take a small loan or we will simply remove from our wish list what was last in priority and save it for next year’s budget. It’s fun to get going