Bank Yahav – Customer Service Center, Tel Aviv

The first challenge we faced in designing the customer service center was its size, it was important for us to maximize the space and at the same time create a sense of place, the aisles, the work stations, the entrance and the cafeteria area. After meeting the planning challenge, we decided to bring the atmosphere […]


Planogram – you have a vision in mind what your boutique will look like

Low budget work

Low budget work – I’m dying to renovate my office or my bathroom, but I do not have that much money ..

Wrote quantities

We talked here before about budget, how to properly plan the renovation according to budget and we also mentioned the concept of writing quantities.

It’s all about the money💰

I want a kitchen with a huge island, in the front yard I want a huge fountain with a fish pond and in the backyard I want a patio with a swimming pool ..

Accessibility or permission

About a decade ago, I first started walking around with a baby stroller, I went into clothing stores, a supermarket, the beautician’s clinic, a bank, etc .. Only then did I understand the meaning of accessibility and its importance. When we plan a space, it can be an office space, a clothing store or even […]

Bank Yahav

Bank Yahav – Architectural design – Concept Branch, Petah Tikva. When we received the brief for planning and architectural design of the concept branch of Bank Yahav, We were asked to produce something different. No longer a regular bank branch, but a space with a homely atmosphere, an inviting and pleasant  place for bank customers.. […]

Visa Cal Recruitment

Vicki | Gabriella Architecture & Interior Design & Commercial Design | V-G Studio

Visa Cal – Interior Design Recruitment Center Project concept: THE ONLY WAY IS UP Walking To the Visa Recruitment Center, going down a long staircase, that is leading the interviewee down to the waiting area. The design idea behind the project was to give the interviewee the feeling that upon being hired by Visa, from […]